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ISES St. Louis Members On Why You Need to Attend Eventworld

Elaine Wagner, CMP CSEP of MAC Meetings and Events attended several
of the ISES Eventworld conferences. “Eventworld is totally different from The
Special Event, Wagner says. “The Special Events is sponsored by The Special
Event Magazine and has a trade show in addition to educational opportunities.
Eventworld is sponsored by ISES. It is primarily educational in nature and is
much smaller than Special Event. This lends an intimacy to the sessions where
networking really works! You come away with cards of people you will keep in
touch with and reach out to. Because of the smaller size, you also get to actually
meet the people who make up the ISES leadership and those individuals in
headquarters who can answer your questions. And much much more!”
Josie Littlepage CSEP from Cosmopolitan Events finds Eventworld is a unique
networking opportunity. “I have been to three Eventworld Conferences and each
time it was an amazing opportunity to mingle with event professionals from
around the world. I remember talking to a wedding planner in South Africa as
we exchanged ideas and practices, we even talked about how we priced out our
services and we both were very similar in that respect. Networking with people
like Steve Kemble and David Merrell was a treat!”, says Littlepage. “There were
so many ‘big names’ of event professionals that I would soak up as much of their
knowledge and energy at the conferences. Everyone is approachable and ready
to work hard and PLAY hard!”
Event professionals of every level will find educational opportunities at
Eventworld. “They offer a 3-day “Bootcamp” for people with less than 3 years
in the industry with sessions that immerse them in all things special events,”
states Wagner. And Littlepage feels that, “The education portion was always
exciting and fresh for us. I remember in St. Petersburg I felt lucky to be in the
industry with such amazing colleagues and peers. The variety of education was
innovative and I still go back to my digital version of the education that was given
to us to refer to from time to time.”


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